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Farewell Year 12's ....The Class of 2019!!

It won't be long now until the Year 12's break to prepare for their exams in the upcoming weeks ahead. I would like to take this opportunity to personally express to everyone how proud we are of you; your efforts and your tenacity in making it this far, and we want to present to you an opportunity to see if you are willing to allow us to follow your journey after finishing here at Woodcroft College.


For us to do this, we need for you all to complete a "Destination Survey". To start the process, please log into your "students secure area" on this website (located in the far right hand corner) to log yourself in, and then click on the "Destination Survey' link to answer a few questions that will capture what you are doing with your life since leaving school. Hopefully you have remembered to create your original account using your own email address when you signed up earlier on, and not use a school email as that one will be defunct after you have left school.


There are a couple of questions for you to answer in the "Destination Survey" area, and it shouldnt take too much time for you to complete. It allows us to collect statisical information about your destination, as well as being able to follow your journey. We appreciate your time in doing this as well. 


Once again, good luck with your exams Year 12 students, and best wishes for your future life's journey 


Kind Regards

Ms Hanak

Careers Advisor


"There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking!" Brian Tracey