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Woodcroft College Careers

Our aim is to provide you with all the latest information that will help you make decisions about your future career and your life beyond school.

You can use this site to locate University, TAFE and any other type of course across Australia, get information about the SACE, search for job vacancies and much more. Feel free to drop into the Futures Office if you have any questions.

Good luck to the Year 12's who have completed their SATAC choices in preparation for next year.

As 2021 draws to a close, we will be farewelling our Year 12's soon, as they finalize their exams and embark on the next stage of their lives.

For those students who need a bit more guidance when it comes to changing their preferences, please check out the following link and register your interest in attending a webinar about the matter.

Or contact the tertiary institute you have applied to, for the latest information that is available for you to register your interest in wanting to attend a "change your preferences session". 

Accepting your offer?

For those students who are anxiously waiting to see if they have received the offer for the course they wish to study or for those who arent sure if they want to accept it, check out the following information below (taken from

How do I accept my offer? 

If you have received an offer for a university place in 2021, congratulations! The acceptance process varies by state and institution, so it’s a good idea to contact your university or state-specific tertiary admissions Centre for instructions. Generally, you will receive a notification from your Admissions Centre such as SATAC or the institution themselves, informing you of the offer and providing you with specific instructions on how to accept it and complete your course enrollment.  

I didn’t receive an offer – what next? 

Don’t panic if you have missed out on an offer – there are plenty of ways to get to your dream course. If you missed out in the main offer round, wait for the subsequent January and February releases to see if you are offered a place. You can also change your course preferences between rounds or register for supplementary offers, where your details are sent to universities with course vacancies. 

If you miss out on an offer altogether, explore the pathway and bridging courses offered through vocational institutions. These programs can help you transfer into your desired university course after you have completed your qualifications and gained some useful work experience. 

I have received an offer but want to keep my options open. 

Students who have received their first choice won’t be given any more offers, so you will need to re-arrange your course preferences if you want to explore your options. It is important that you accept your original offer to prevent it from lapsing, before re-ordering your course list to ensure that your new preferences sit above your accepted offer.  

I can’t accept my offer 

Some universities require you to accept your offer and commence your enrollment in person, but this isn’t always feasible due to travel, medical issues and other factors. Contact your institution to discuss their enrollment policy, as you may be able to grant permission for someone to accept on your behalf. 

How do I decline my offer? 

The simple answer is to do absolutely nothing – if you do not accept your offer by a set date or time, it will lapse and be offered to another student in subsequent rounds. However, it is generally recommended that you do not decline an offer unless you are 100 per cent certain that you wouldn’t accept it even if you received no further offers. 

If I accept my offer, do I have to start university straight away? 

You can defer your offer for a semester or year if desired, but make sure you check with your institution beforehand as not all universities allow deferment and there are some courses that do not allow it as well. If you want to defer your studies, you will need to accept your offer and potentially commence enrollment through your institution to ensure your place is secured.  

For more information and support about careers and job seeking, p[lease email me on should you wish to make an appointment to see me to discuss your career choices. Parents are most welcome to join you as well.


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Ms Hanak

Careers Advisor


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